BERGRAVEN Dödsvisioner

Format : CD Boitier crystal

Label : Total Holocaust
Pressage : Sweden

Etat général : original neuf

Info : CD
Visions of Death - A deep plunge into the forgiving hands of death. Dödsvisioner was evoked through three weeks of recording in the infamous Necromorbus Studios. Mannevond of Koldbrann / Urgehal flow in from Norway to record guest vocals for one track and P. of Nominon / In Aeternum filled the set as a session drummer for this cold gaze into the eyes of the dead. All components luckily worked in perfect symbiosis and delievered one of the darkest and most promising full-lengthers from our Swedish soils in the most recent years.

12.50 EUR  9.90 EUR
vendeur absent jusqu'au 15/08/2018

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