GORGOSAUR Lurking Among Corpses

Format : CD Boitier crystal

Label : Memento Mori
Pressage : MEMENTO-L - Sweden
Année : 2016

Etat général : original neuf

Info : The terrific debut full-length from yet another promising, up and coming underground act: Gorgosaur, from Sweden. Formed back in 2013 in Malmö with the aim of creating total death, this duo comprised of Martin Schönherr (drums and vocals) and Åsa Hagström (guitar, bass and vocals) put out a demo titled "Gashes and Demise" last year, and it took us less than ten minutes (the total running time of the 3-song demo) to thoroughly feast on the loathsome, blood-soaked and purulent Death Metal with a penchant for assorted tempos and the genuine stench of the late 80´s / early 90´s that these deathsters have on offer.

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