Format : CD Digipack

Label : Noise Art
Pressage : NARCD066DP - Deutschland
Année : 2017

Etat général : original neuf

Info : Their debut album "Homo Homini Lupus", forged over a process of five years, delivers a melodic yet raging black metal sound mixed with dirty rock elements and a pinch of melancholy and is therefore not only suited for fans of brutal extremes but also provides catchy moments that instantly capture the listener. The transition from stomping anthems with English lyrics to tracks with German poetry is fluent and just as universal are the topics of MALLEVS MALEFICARVM's songs: While "Sieben Sonnen" and "Under The Red Skies" deals with nature and humankind's devastating impact, "Der Widerchrist" and "He Shall Bring No Light" approaches religion and the consequences of a theistic society.

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