AEVANGELIST Enthrall to the Void Of Bliss. Black Vinyl

Format : 33T
Label : 20 Buck Spin
Pressage : SPIN073LPblack - Usa
Année : 2015

Etat général : original neuf

Info : The 4th gate of the Aevangelist has opened within the physical dimension. Witness cataclysmic Black Death Metal force in which slithering arcane horrors conjoined with bizarre mysticism spawn a suffocating cacophonous sprawl. Having unleashed previous (and future) documentation via the French Debemur Morti label, ‘Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss' represents the initial Aevangelist transmutation for 20 Buck Spin; the American based band's first scripture to fully release domestically in the United States.

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