MERCYLESS Pathetic Divinity

Format : 33T Gatefold Gatefold

Label : Kaotoxin
Pressage : TOX063lp - France
Année : 2016

Etat général : original neuf

Info : No-frills, uncompromising and crushing Death Metal played with guts and authenticity is what MERCYLESS continues to stand for and “Pathetic Divinity” is full of savage anthems against the one nailed to the cross, spewing forth the seminal old-school Death Metal feel of European / Swedish pioneers GRAVE, DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED, CARNAGE and NIHILIST, yet sharing the unholy and bloodthirsty hate of fellow Christ-desecrators INCANTATION and IMMOLATION. MERCYLESS proudly declare that “Pathetic Divinity” is their best, heaviest, and most brutal work to date, structurally close to their first two albums, but presenting a more modern and vital production work. It's truly a Death Metal masterpiece that proves that these loyal veterans still have more than enough power, rage and ambition to keep the old-school Death Metal flag flying high!

15.00 EUR

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