PURGATORY Deathkvlt Grand Ancient Arts

Format : 33T 180-220 gr Gatefold

Label : Animate
Pressage : AR045LP - Germany
Année : 2013

Etat général : original neuf

Info : Germanys death metal warmachine Purgatory is back with a new killer album: "Deathkvlt - grand ancient arts". A logical progression of "Necromantaeon", even a little more brutal and atmospheric, but still skull crushing old school death metal without compromises at all. Be prepared for a blasphemous dirty piece of evil death metal with top sound and some cool horrific samples! For those who don't know much about the band's sound, consider it a combination of Belphegor, Vomitory, Vader and Deicide. LP version contains the bonus track "As I Behold I Despise" featuring original member Esa Linden! Comes in Gatefoldcover with partially gold print.

15.00 EUR
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