LYCUS Tempest. Green Vinyl

Format : 33T 180-220 gr
Label : 20 Buck Spin
Pressage : SPIN055LPgreen - Usa
Année : 2015

Etat général : réédition neuf

Info : Lycus has crafted an incredibly mature album for such a young band, instantly recognizable as among the top funeral doom / death doom releases of the past several years. One can hear echoes of Mournful Congregation, Asunder, My Dying Bride, even Pallbearer within their melancholic dirges and woefully heavy riffs; however, Lycus don't rely solely on punishingly slow tempos. In fact, even the slow sections have a sense of movement not often seen in the genre, and at other times the band breaks out into bursts of hysteric black metal, such as on the album's 20-minute title track. Violins scattered throughout bring further variation to the funereal proceedings of Tempest

15.00 EUR

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