OPHTHALAMIA A Journey In Darkness

Format : 33T 180-220 gr
Label : Peaceville
Pressage : VILELP690 - Sweden
Année : 2017

Etat général : réédition neuf

Info : Opthalamia was a land of pure fantasy created by IT and the songs are connected to stories based around this fantasy-world. The original vocalist of the band was All (also in Abruptum), but he was then replaced by Shadow (Jon Nödtveidt of classic death/black metal band, Dissection). Shadow handled vocals on this album, the band's debut, which was originally released in 1994.
Though the band could be classified as black/doom metal, there is much more to Opthalamia, with varied metal influences, tempo changes and melodic passages becoming progressively more prominent, helping to distinguish them from their peers.
The album was produced by the legendary Dan Swano (Opeth, Katatonia, etc) & Opthalamia at Unisound in 1993.
This vinyl edition of ‘A Journey in Darkness' includes original artwork, plus new notes from Metalion & Dan Swano, offering their recollections of IT, who passed away in early 2017.

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