ORFVS The Greatest Sacrifice

Format : 45T (SP 2 titres)
Label : Hammer Of Hate
Pressage : HOH049 - Finland
Année : 2012

Etat général : original neuf

Info : Orfvs breathes out a whisper from the glorious days of mid 90's era synth Black Metal in the Norwegian and Finnish vein. This EP might've as well been the missing release of GEHENNA between their First and Second Spell. Orfvs' Black Metal Art is full of mysteries, performed in the slow/mid-tempo pace with haunting synth and eerie vocals. The two spirits forming the coven of Orfvs are also known from BLOOD RED FOG, FUNERARY BELL, UTGARD and several others, yet the significance of the band is not just a side-project but a strong illustration of Satanic darkness on it's own. EP is released in a full-colour sleeve and it's limited to 300 copies. More is to come from this malicious duo.

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