GERM BOMB Sound of Horns

Format : 33T
Label : Doomentia
Pressage : DOOM103LP1 - Sweden
Année : 2013

Etat général : original neuf

Info : This duo might hail from Gothenburg Sweden, paradise of the melodic death-metal scene, but fear not, there's nothing technical nor beautiful about ‘Sound Of Horns'. If their style might have come straight from the 80's, their intense musicianship and production are not. As a matter of fact, this new full-length is even faster and angrier than its predecessor (‘Infected From Birth' released in 2010), depicting a rotten society on its knees and on its way to Armageddon. Just like CARNIVORE twenty-five years ago, GERM BOMB likes to twist the knife where it hurts, with a beer in its hand and a grin on its face.

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