SLAUGHTER LORD Thrash 'til Death 86-87. Haze Vinyl

Format : 33T
Label : Invictus
Pressage : IP001LPhaze - Australia
Année : 2016

Etat général : réédition neuf

Info : UV Gloss outer sleeve, black inner sleeve, Black & White haze 140g vinyl - SLAUGHTER LORD were an Australian thrash band circa 1986-1987 who never released an album but managed to leave their mark on the international scene courtesy of a well circulated demo and a reputation as a killer live act. This CD retrospective is their first “real album” and contains the “Taste of Blood” demo as well as some studio and rehearsal tapes all recorded back in the day. The quality of the recording is obviously pretty rough and, frankly, it sounds about like you would expect a 14 year old demo tape to sound.

16.00 EUR

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