DARKTHRONE Under a Funeral Moon. Digibook CD

Format : CD x 2 Digipack

Label : Peaceville
Pressage : CDVILED435X - Norway
Année : 2013

Etat général : réédition neuf

Info : Representing a bleak reflection of contemporary times, it featured harsh guitar riffage and hateful vocals in what was the band's first 100% pure Black Metal opus, completely stripped of the Death Metal traces of former releases. This was aided by an intentionally lo-fi sound that was powerfully cold and entirely unconcerned with modern-day aesthetics.
A 2-disc edition of Darkthrone's Black Metal masterpiece, which marks 20 years since the release of this landmark album.
The second disc features audio of Fenriz discussing his recollections, inspirations and thoughts on the album, whilst the music plays in the background.
Presented in a special mediabook format with a booklet containing comprehensive liner notes.

14.00 EUR  11.00 EUR

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