ELYSIAN BLAZE Blood Geometry. Ultra Clear Vinyls

Format : 33T x 3 Gatefold

Label : Osmose
Pressage : OPLP272BH - Australia
Année : 2012

Etat général : original neuf

Info : Ultra limited edition gatefold triple panel 350gram mat varnish, ultra clear triple vinyls 180gram.
To consider oneself as a uniquely evocative entity within today's seemingly over-saturated underground scene could be considered a bold and suggestive statement. Even so, such a statement holds none more true than with Australian one man band Elysian Blaze. Since inception, Elysian Blaze has crafted some of the most mesmerising and genre defying forms of black metal that has since influenced and captivated audiences all over. If truth be known, there is no other sound like Elysian Blaze. Epic and beyond the boundaries of normality, “Blood Geometry” is the collective unconscious of something greater than physicality. It is a force that is designed to enter the soul and transport the listener into the universe of Elysian Blaze, breaking down what we consider to be human and reinvoking the unknown for those willing. This is more than music; this is a vehicle to another form of reality and the listener shall become the portal.

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