SABBAT Sabbatical Visionslaught

Format : DVD + CD Boitier crystal

Label : Hells Headbangers
Pressage : 07DVD0134 - Japan
Année : 2011

Etat général : original neuf

Info : BEWARE - STOCK AT YOUR OWN RISK: this DVD is in PAL format. Newer DVD players & computers may play this fine although if unsure consult your player documentation before purchasing. Features 2 live shows rec-orded in Japan during 1992 and 2000. Both with excellent visual & audio quality, especially when considering the technology limitations of the time. Also includes a band photo slide show from 1984-2004 plus a 66 minute audio CD with many previously unreleased tracks. The Sabbat lineup on these two live shows was: Gezol (bass/vocals), Temis Osmond (guitar/vocals) & Zorugelion (drums). Over 159 minutes of Sabbatical Blacking Metal!

15.00 EUR  9.99 EUR

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