JOYLESS Wild Signs Of The Endtimes

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Atmf
Press : Sweden
Year : 2009

New or Used : original new

Info : There are bands so much capable of writing history that their intuitions become a trend for the followers. These bands can be rightfully recognized as fathers of their musical genre.
Wild Signs of the Endtimes collects material from '96 – '99 and will unveil amazing moments of madness for those into the pessimistic rock-shogaze bands going on today, played as usual with the incredible spontaneity of the black metal legends Rune Vedaa & Olav Berland (Forgotten Woods). Joyless is a personal way to mix melancholy, folk, rock, shoegaze, avantgardish and depressive black metal echoes in a cocktail of raw emotions.

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