HELLVETRON (NYOGTHAEBLISZ) Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties. Digipack CD

Media: CD Digipack

Label : Hells Headbangers
Press : HELLS070 - Usa
Year : 2012

New or Used : original new

Info : Black Doom Ceremony of Death spewing from the Mouth of Hell! Hellvetron's debut full-length ritual emerges through the threshold into a manifestation of obscure hell psalms of death. "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties" will be a tribute to the Qliphothic Tree of Death, Seven Hells, and it's infernal hierarchy. This release will be a curse on all who dare to possess this unholy relic. Praise the ten horns upon the seven headed beast.

13.00 EUR

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