Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Xtreem
Press : XM040CD - Spain
Year : 2006

New or Used : original new

Info : After taking the spanish scene by storm in 2004 with their debut album, and having stablished a name for themselves in the worldwide underground scene, spanish VIDRES A LA SANG returns with their sophomore album “Endins” to show that it's still possible to perfectionate their debut!!
Again, six ellaborated songs filled with crushing riffs and a perfect technical skill, “Endins” is a perfect Death Metal album that gathers all the elements such as brutality, heaviness, tighness, melody, aggression, darkness... all this with a powerful crystal-clear production and excellent design.
VIDRES A LA SANG is feeling, honesty, pain, rage and a defiance to death. The black & red vengeance is back!!

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