AKROTHEISM / SEPTUAGINT Sphinx: The Great Enigma Of Times

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Forever Plagued
Press : FPR040CD - Greece
Year : 2015

New or Used : original new

Info : Sphinx: The Great Enigma of Times, a special split CD between AKROTHEISM and SEPTUAGINT. Uniting two elite orthodox black metal entities hailing from the once-again-thriving Greek scene, Sphinx: The Great Enigma of Times features three exclusive tracks that span a thoroughly engrossing 45 minutes. AKROTHEISM contribute two gnarled 'n' gnarling tracks that take sepulchral black metal even deeper into the tombs, exhibiting a cold 'n' calculating confidence that belie their young years as a band. SEPTUAGINT continue the spiritual quest begun on last year's acclaimed Negative Void Trinity EP.

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