STILLBORN Testimonio de Bautismo

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Godz Ov War
Press : GOWP-XXVI - Poland
Year : 2016

New or Used : original new

Info : The latest album contains eight new tracks, including an instrumental one, plus of cover of Sodom's ‘Burst Command Til War' which perfectly reflects the band's current music, clearly referring to the classics of obscure and blackened thrash metal. This is the very first time that Stillborn have decided to use lyrics in Polish which reflect their uncompromising, blasphemous thoughts, always typical of the band. Two tracks also include fragments of poems by the controversial French poet, Charles Baudelaire. The whole thing has wholeheartedly been complemented with raw, finesse-free mastering that emphasises its essence. Undoubtedly, ‘Testimonio de Bautismo' is the most spontaneous and metal output in the band's discography.

12.50 EUR

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