ERUCTATION The Fumes of Putrefaction (1992-1995)

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Memento Mori
Press : MEMENTO-LII - Sweden
Year : 2016

New or Used : original new

Info : The history of underground Death Metal is crammed with bands that never got to make it past the demo stage. However, only a handful of them actually deserved much better in terms of both longevity and recognition. Such was the case with the obscure yet amazing Swedish band Eructation, whose "Demo #1" (1992) was an unquestionable force to be reckoned with that many a fan of the genre praise as one of the most remarkable yet hideous gems from the times of yore. "The Fumes of Putrefaction (1992-1995)" compiles the 3 songs from their cult "Demo #1" (1992), 5 songs from a late 1993 recording session (meant to be out in 1994 as an EP that unfortunately never got to see the light of day) and 2 songs from the last recording session in 1995.

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