THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING Fuscus: Strings of the Black Lyre

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : I Voidhanger
Press : IVR-051CD - Usa
Year : 2016

New or Used : original new

Info : THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING's third full-length album, “Fuscus: Strings of The Black Lyre” presents
the story of a witch hunt that turns hunter into prey and the children of those so-called “righteous”
perpetrators into something… not entirely human! The band continues on the usual path of dark death metal, veering from time to time into strange territories tinged with black metal and even funeral doom. Tortured vocals and murky tones emanate from the swamp and out through the night air to invade the minds of those unfortunate enough to bear witness to the nightmare. Jewelcase CD, 16-page full-color booklet with lyrics. Amazing cover art by Karmazid.

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