KRODA Varulven

Media: CD Digipack

Label : Purity Through Fire
Press : PTF021DIGI - Ukraine
Year : 2017

New or Used : original new

Info : This is a compilation of previously unreleased material. "Varulven" is a cover of a traditional Nordic song, recorded in 2011 at Schwarzpfad studio as an experiment in viking-rock style music. "Werwolf" and "Nemesis" were both recorded in 2008. "Werwolf" is a kind of tribute to Temnozor, and "Nemesis" is a cover of a traditional German song. "Der Scharlachrote Tod (how much is the Pest)" is a cover of an Absurd song and was (unprofessionally) recorded live at the Kilkim ┼Żaibu festival in Lithuania during Kroda's Ragnarok Tour 2012.

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