KAWIR Exilasmos

Media: CD Digipack

Label : Iron Bonehead
Press : IBP348DIGI - Greece
Year : 2017

New or Used : original new

Info : - 300gsm 4 Panel Digipak
- 12 page Booklet on 170gsm Matt Art Paper
Across its six characteristically cascading tracks, KAWIR take a decidedly darker and more aggressive turn, racing into the fray in a manner most mid '90s (or To Cavirs, as it were) but never losing the inherently heroic aspect so crucial - and so engaging, after all these years - to their Hellenic sound. Supplementing that dark heroism is the addition of a fulltime keyboardist in Aristomache, who lends mystical light and shade to the band's surge 'n' swell. Further coloring the windswept wildness of Exilasmos are an endless supply of dramatic solos from guitarists Melanaegis and founder Therthonax.

13.00 EUR
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