GODLESS NORTH Fimbulvetr...Anthology

Media: CD x 2 Crystal Box

Label : Darker Than Black
Press : Canada
Year : 2009

New or Used : reissue new

Info : CD 1:

"Summon The Age Of Supremacy" 2001 a.b.

CD 2:

"Only Human Ashes Are Real"
Split w/ Chemin de Haine 2003 a.b.

"Black Metal Endsieg II"
4-way split 2001 a.b.

BURZUM coversong
previously unreleased 2001 a.b.

"Dark Rites Of The Mystic Order"
demo 1998 a.b.

All songs remastered by TT/Abigor! Double-CD.

15.00 EUR
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