WORLD DOMINATION World Domination Vol II

Media: CD x 2 Crystal Box

Label : Osmose
Press : OPCD056 - International
Year : 1997

New or Used : original new

Info : Few copies back in stock! Featuring tracks from Vital Remains, Marduk, Driller Killer, Necromantia, Angelcorpse, Immortal, Dark Tranquillity, Gehennah, Enslaved, Swordmaster, Inferno, Demoniac, Absu, Impaled Nazarene, Bewitched, Raism, Disfear, Tsatthoggua, Mystifier, Loudpipes, The Rcking Dildos, Sadistik Exekution, Gardenian, Devilyn, Conqueror, Majestic Midnight.

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