VASSAFOR Invocations Of Darkness

Media: CD x 3 Digipack

Label : Debemur Morti
Press : DMP0131digi - New Zealand
Year : 2016

New or Used : original new

Info : Acknowledged as one of New Zealand's finest and filthiest Black-Death metal bands, VASSAFOR mark the beginning of their collaboration with Debemur Morti with a massive 3-CD set entitled "Invocations Of Darkness".
This impressive corpus of pure malevolence is intelligently collected into 3 discs representing 3 different strands of the Codex : "Mortis" for death worship, "Fatum " for doom channelling, and "Antiquitas" for the dedications to the ancestors.
"Invocations Of Darkness" is every mortal breath of VASSAFOR, every composition, from the period MMX - MMIV, available on CD for the first time.
Expect nothing less than 150 uncomfortable minutes of nauseous melodies, blackened fury, and dangerous incursions into doomier territory… VASSAFOR is the sound of the space between the stars, the howling void into the abyss, the silence outside of time…

16.00 EUR

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