KULT OF TAURUS / EREVOS AENAON Born Of Fire, Forged By Death

Media: MCD Crystal Box

Label : Forever Plagued
Press : FPR035CD - Greece
Year : 2014

New or Used : original new

Info : SIDE FIRE will contain 4 songs from older Kult Of Taurus material (demos, split) which was chosen to represent the past with all of them re-recorded in 2012 given the proper shape and sound they should have had back then. A more raw and primitive side of Kult Of Taurus is now revealed yet it contains some of the identical riffing that led to "divination labyrinths". SIDE DEATH will contain 4 songs that emanate Erevos Aenaon's own essence both in music but also in philosophy. E.A. might not sound familiar to those outside Greece but they have been around since 2000 from the same area spreading some demo recordings hand-in-hand and some notorious local live performances.

9.90 EUR
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