PARIA Knochenkamp

Media: MCD Digipack

Label : Wtc
Press : WTC151DIGI - Germany
Year : 2017

New or Used : original new

Info : Since the ancient year of 1995, PARIA have been a study in staunch defiance and unparalleled filth. Their late '90s era was spent brewing disgusting demos in secret, and then during the early 2000s, a handful of official demos emerged from PARIA's dungeon, perhaps best characterized by the 2007 compilation title Paria ├╝ber alles - 11 Years of Blood, Cum & Satan. Two full-lengths would be released, 2008's VerminRace and 2010's Unchain the Unclean, before the band's breakout album, 2013's Surrealist Satanist. Released by W.T.C. to international acclaim, Surrealist Satanist was the culmination of nearly 20 years of mounting mental instability and restless demons knocking on their door: PARIA had finally arrived, exploding with dizzying disease and roiling chaos, and yet somehow wrangled it all into palpable but no-less-bent shapes with frightening finesse.

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