THORNS Stigma Diabolicum

Media: CD + bonus Crystal Box

Label : Kyrck & Armour
Press : KCD005 - Norway
Year : 2008

New or Used : reissue new

Info : The legendary and heavily tape-traded material from the early THORNS days, including the pre-THORNS band STIGMA DIABOLICUM, for the first time officially released on CD! Limited to 1000 copies this absolute must-have for any Black Metal fan includes one of the most famous recordings from the earliest Black Metal days, the "Tr¯ndertun" recording as well as the "Grymyrk" recording, STIGMA DIABOLICUM rehearsal material, STIGMA DIABOLICUM demo and finally some old THORNS rehearsal material. This is as legendary as it gets and this is Black Metal history captured on CD that you simply need in your collection!!

13.00 EUR  12.50 EUR

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