DODSFERD Spitting With Hatred-The Insignificance Of Life

Media: CD + bonus Crystal Box

Label : Moribund
Press : DEAD164CD - Greece
Year : 2011

New or Used : original new

Info : The scarred 'n' scabrous "Spitting With Hatred The Insignificance Of Life" is quintessential DODSFERD: caustic and crammed with filthy hooks. An album of intoxicating dissonance, absolute desolation and bleak suicidal Black Metal seething with a pissed-off madness that demands to be heard! From depressive dirges to hard-rocking black 'n' roll, from punk disgust to sweeps of mournful melody, from fear and loathing to triumph and glory - Join DODSFERD and revel in The Insignificance Of Life!
Enhanced CD features 3 live video bonus tracks!

12.50 EUR
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