Media: LP
Label : Me Saco Un Ojo
Press : MSUO061MLP - Finland
Year : 2015

New or Used : original new

Info : The devil is in the detail, folks, and it's something of a minor shame that these details are often forgotten about. It's not often since the glorious days of Cartilage that such cool basswork had caused us to literally raise an eyebrow and drop everything we were doing to just listen. But this is not the end of Malicious' rotten bodybag of surprises- for, rather than playing it safe with the usual old-school references, they go on to explore that brief and hidden era of death metal that almost never was, after the genre's creative heyday and before it all went to shit: namely, the riffing intricacies of their neighbours in Grotesque, Liers In Wait and “Gardens of Grief”-era At The Gates.

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