SADOKIST Thy Saviour's Halo, Held By Horns

Media: LP
Label : Blood Harvest
Press : YOTZ2016-019 - Finland
Year : 2016

New or Used : original new

Info : Although Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns is SADOKIST's debut album, the band had been lurking deep in the fertile Finnish underground since 2007, brewing up demos that pronounced its foremost aims: the telltale Evil Sado Fuckin' Metal in 2008 and 2010's Horrors From Hell, with a split tape in between with comrads Black Angel fittingly titled Sadomatik Angel Attack. A couple more demos followed in 2012, and all this hard graft eventually culminated in the opus of obscurity now known as Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns.

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