CIANIDE Thy Dying Truth. Clear Vinyl

Media: LP
Label : The Crypt
Press : CRYPT22LPclear - Usa
Year : 2017

New or Used : reissue new

Info : For all the purists, we present the first time on vinyl, the band's debut masterpiece "The Dying Truth" original 1992 mix, mastered from the original 1992 DAT recordings and will feature the original track listing. The 2011 vinyl version featured a remixed version of the album.
Formed in 1988, CIANIDE's vision was to create the heaviest Death Metal in existence... and they DID! Truly CRUSHING and DEATH HEAVY, the way it was meant to be, finally seeing the light of day once again, on glorious vinyl format! LIMITED EDITION TO 200 COPIES, CLEAR VINYL.

22.00 EUR

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