CONVULSE Cycle of Revenge. Black Vinyl

Media: LP Gatefold Gatefold

Label : Svart
Press : SVART007LPblack - Finland
Year : 2016

New or Used : original new

Info : The band's forthcoming, fourth album, Cycle of Revenge, has been in process for many months already, and during those months, the Convulse trio composed eight new songs. The album is shaping up to receive nearly the same musical treatment as what previously happened between the band's first two albums back in the early '90s.
However, on Cycle of Revenge, Convulse really haven't gone back to their "death 'n' roll" mode, but have still made a radical musical shift. Try to imagine combining some of Pink Floyd's psychedelic, airy moments with Finnish prog-rock masters Kingston Wall's beautiful, ear-tickling melodies. Throw in the genuine angst and despair-ridden melancholia of Sentenced's Amok album, and even add some grooviness àla Sepultura's later era or Soulfly, then spice it all up with Rami Jämsä's trademark-ish throaty and belly-trembling death grunts. You may now have some sort of an idea what can be expected from Cycle of Revenge.

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