Media: LP 180-220 gr Gatefold

Label : Peaceville
Press : VILELP168 - Norway
Year : 2015

New or Used : reissue new

Info : With FOAD, the legendary Norwegian Black Metallers delivered a magnificent and unique slab of Evil Rock/Black Metal.
Recorded, mixed and self-produced at the band's own Necrohell 2 studios throughout the first half of 2007, this labour of love (or is it hate?) travelled deep into the band's rich musical heritage.
A celebration of Rock and Metal - moving further from the primitive Black Metal Darkthrone were once known for - FOAD still embraced the roots of what made the band so special. Yet still, Darkthrone only exist
Summarised perfectly by Fenriz, "FOAD sounds like a war between Atlantis and the rest of the planet!."

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