Media: 7inch x 1
Label : Doomentia
Press : DOOM101EP1 - Sweden
Year : 2013

New or Used : original new

Info : BOMBS OF HADES are fuckin' unstoppable. Former GOD MACABRE and UTUMNO mainman Jonas Stålhammar crust-cum-full-on-death-metal-squad may have been saluted (and rightfully so !) as Swedish death-metal new driving force ever since the release of their first album ‘Chambers Of Abomination' but it hasn't affected a bit its attitude and DIY state-of-mind. So even if their second full-length is just six months old, they haven't planned to slow down their relentless assault even a bit. Half of a recording session that took place earlier this year and that will spawn another split (this time with ENTRENCH), those two songs follow the tradition set off by their first split, shared with TORMENTED and released in 2011: one original brutal fucker (“Black Goat Chant”) and one quite unexpected cover, this time from SCORPIONS' ‘Lovedrive' album from 1979, “Can't Get Enough”!

Also hailing from Västerås right in the middle of fuckin' nowhere in Sweden but still quite unknown to most, SUFFER THE PAIN consists of ex-members of FROM THE ASHES and ENTRECH and formed last year. And let's say that once you're done listening to these three blistering tracks of theirs, you'll understand right away why they were the perfect match to BoH's rough sonic attack. As after two demos, this first wax of theirs sees them storming through the gates with a roaring mix of pure D-beat, crust and Swedish death-metal that is so intense that it is bound to destroy everything in its path, even when the result is only one minute long (“Werewolf”)! Sweden über alles ladies and gentlemen!”

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