WARFARE Pure Filth - From the Vaults of Rabid Metal

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : High Roller
Press : HRR452CD - England
Year : 2015

New or Used : reissue new

Info : The album »Pure Filth: From The Vaults Of Rabid Metal« collects nine early recordings of songs such as “Total Armageddon”, “Collision”, “Breakout”, “Dance Of The Dead” and “Limit Crescendo”. The bulk of the material ended up on the proper »Pure Filth«, recorded at Impulse Studios and issued by Neat Records in 1984. However, the versions to be found on »From The Vaults Of Rabid Metal« are totally different, often played much faster than on the original album. Some of the songs have even been recorded on 24 tracks.

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