MANZER Pictavian Chronicles - Volume 1

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Armée De La Mort
Press : ADLM-CD-29 - France
Year : 2015

New or Used : original new

Info : The "Pictavian bastards" present the first part of their discography. It features the following studio releases, now very rare : "Pictavian Bastards" demo, split 7"EP with ABIGAIL, split 7"EP with GODSLAYING HELLBLAST, "Orgy and Profanity" 7"EP, split 7"EP with SABBAT, 3 cover songs from compilations (ABIGAIL, MOTÖRHEAD, MERCYFUL FATE). To complete the 78 minutes of this CD, there are 3 live songs recorded in 2011, never published before. Some songs have been written in Pictavian language (called Parlanjhe). For maniaks of the ancient Black Metal style, with doses of Heavy Metal and Rock'n'Roll! The 16 pages booklet shows the original covers, lyrics and pictures.

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