PROTECTOR A Shedding of Skin

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : High Roller
Press : HRR427CD - Germany
Year : 2016

New or Used : reissue new

Info : mastered by Patrick W. Engel/ Temple of Disharmony
Protector's third full-length album starts off with a peaceful intro… wait, is that a bird singing? But no, don't let yourself be deceived – “A Shedding of Skin” is a most lethal and savage piece of thrash metal madness: It gives us thirteen tracks of most refined, most extreme and ripping thrash metal, constantly keeping up the highest level of thrash metal craftsmanship - just listen to the brutally well executed title track and you know what I am talking about! This album is an impressive display of Protector's very own blend of thrash and death metal influences that made the three-piece from Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony a force in its own right.

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