DEATHSTORM Storming the Gallows

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : I Hate
Press : IHRCD133 - Austria
Year : 2017

New or Used : original new

Info : This compiles the debut mini-album, “Storming with Menace” (2011) and “The Gallows EP” (2015), both previously unavailable in CD format. Deathstorm are about primeval thrash metal in its most raw form! Think SODOM ”Persecution Mania”, MERCILESS ”The Awakening” and KREATOR ”Pleasure to Kill” for similarities. ”Storming the Gallows” is also a fuck off to modern sounds, trends and hipsters in general. Deathstorm is a great example of how you can mix old school with aggression and still come off fresh and potent! Prepare for the Slaughter!

12.50 EUR  11.00 EUR
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