FORESEEN Helsinki Savagery. Purple Vinyl

Media: LP
Label : 20 Buck Spin
Press : SPIN067LP - Finland
Year : 2014

New or Used : original new

Info : Bringing back a concrete toughness to thrash that's been largely missing for years, on Helsinki Savagery Foreseen HKI take their place among the elite of modern crossover bands. Tracks like “Death Injection,” “Bonded by United Blood” and “Both Sides Lose” are infused with a lethal urgency and unrestrained devotion to crafting ideal songs for wild, anarchic live shows. Helsinki Savagery documents a band in its hungry, formative prime where the extreme aggression of many classic debut albums is captured with terrible certainty. With high speeds and fierce leads that shred, United Forces are back from the dead.

14.00 EUR

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