USURPRESS Trenches Of The Netherworld

Media: LP
Label : Iconoclast
Press : IR014LP - Sweden
Year : 2012

New or Used : original new

Info : Here's the first full-length for Usurpress, a new kick-ass band from Uppsala (SWE), featuring “old” starring of the punk/metal scene: Stefan “Steffe” Petterson, singer from Diskonto and Uncurbed and Daniel Ekeroth, bass player from Dellamorte, Tyrant, Iron Lamb and also author of the book Swedish Death metal.
They call their music Death crust. The aim of this Swedish quartet is to combine the bestiality of old Death metal and the undying hate and aggression of true Crustcore. Also mixed into this deadly cocktail are the unpredictable chord structures of progressive rock. Primitive and complex, majestic and crude – The music of the courts of Neanderthal emperors. Real riffs. Real songs.. Soon destined to become a cult band.

14.00 EUR

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