NEKROFILTH Filling My Blood With Poison. Black Vinyl

Media: LP 180-220 gr
Label : Hells Headbangers
Press : HELLSMLP029 - Usa
Year : 2014

New or Used : original new

Info : Originally self-released in early 2009, Filling My Blood With Poison... was NEKROFILTH's second demo and solidified the power-trio's dirty, diseased brand of grinding metalpunk. Shades of Repulsion, Abscess, Discharge, and Bulldozer abounded, as did G.B.H. (whose "Necrophilia" the band cover here), but the way in which NEKROFILTH piledrove it all together spoke volumes about the fetid future in store. Hear the birth of disease with Filling My Blood With Poison...!

13.00 EUR

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