Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Total Holocaust
Press : Norway

New or Used : original new

Info : CD
Truely one of Norways strongest Black Metal hordes and also one of those bands which has been an influence for several of bands. And for a very good reason. They have always had their own formula of making the Blackest of atmospheres come to life through their music. This album was released on a MCD in 1995 and has been sold out since a very long time. To honour this forgotten album I together with Forgotten Woods did plans for a re-issue which now is at hand. Featured on this album is the three original tracks as well as two previously unheard tracks which are taken from rehearsal tracks that has only been in the hands of the band previous to this. So no matter if you have the original copy of this or not, it's sure a worthy addition. The album comes also with totally reworked layout in a luxurious fold out booklet. Nothing more to add here really, a Black Metal classic that should not be overlooked.

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