TYMAH Zuhanas

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : The Sinister Flame
Press : TSF003CD - Hungary
Year : 2017

New or Used : original new

Info : With their three previous full-length albums on No Colours, TYMAH, located literally in Transylvania, have firmly established themselves as a gifted Black Metal band not only able to create exceptionally
grim atmospheres but a sound that bears a unique sense of isolation and solitude. Zuhanás [Falling], TYMAH's fourth album, takes everything even one step further. The sound is still well within the
confines of Black Metal with baleful, crushing riffs and Dim's cruel vocals showing you a way beyond this world. It's like someone had left a window open at the studio – and the nocturnal breath from
those Transylvanian woods and valleys flew straight in. It's bleak and baleful. It's cold and VERY dark. This is Black Metal with a purpose.

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