CAINA Hands that Pluck

Media: CD x 2 Digipack

Label : Profound Lore
Press : PFL082digi - Argentina
Year : 2011

New or Used : original new

Info : “Hands That Pluck”, while being the most different, progressive, and idiosyncratic CAINA album to date, is also the most aggressive and visceral CAINA album to date likewise. This harnessed by the three other key vocal appearances on “Hands That Pluck”, namely vocalists Lord Imperial from U.S. cult black metal band KRIEG, Rennie Resmini who is the vocalist of cult U.S. hardcore band STARKWEATHER, and Chris Ross of BLOOD REVOLT/REVENGE/AXIS OF ADVANCE fame, all playing their role in helping make “Hands That Pluck” one of the triumphs in the CAINA repertoire.

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