NARGAROTH Black Metal manda Hijos de Puta. Black Vinyl

Media: LP Gatefold Gatefold

Label : No Colours
Press : NC167LP - Germany
Year : 2012

New or Used : original new

Info : With A-1 Poster limited to 1000 handnumbered Copies in these colors in 200 Copies each: black & blue-transparent & red-transparent & bernstein/amber & green-transparent Vinyl!
The Tour Album „Black Metal manda Hijos de Puta” is to be seen as a tribute to the Black Metal scene of Latin America regarding the experiences during the Latin American tours in the years 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011. It contains 2 new and unreleased Tracks from upcoming Nargaroth releases, but also famous Nargaroth classics as well as album songs in their changed Live-Performance-Version and 2 cover versions.

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