BESTIAL WARLUST Vengeance War Till Death

Media: CD Digipack

Label : Hells Headbangers
Press : HELLS167DIGI - Australia
Year : 2017

New or Used : reissue new

Info : Pressed on a GOLD disc in a deluxe fold-out inverted cross digipak! Includes an interview with KK Warslut from back in the day.
Widely considered one of the first "war metal" albums - if not THE first, actually - BESTIAL WARLUST's debut was a shockingly violent and utterly barbaric slab of black metal that literally had no peer upon its release in 1994. It spawned countless imitators in the two decades since that original release and even furthered the "bestial metal" subgenre so prolific today, but there's simply no substitute for the original.

13.00 EUR

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