Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Duplicate
Press : Dupl068CD - Spain
Year : 2016

New or Used : original new

Info : Cursed Blood Of Doom is one of those rare albums that leave an instant imprint on the darker recesses of the subconscious. More of a ritualistic experience than a mere collection of songs, its different parts segue into one another, adding a feverish atmosphere to the devilish proceedings. Musically, Arkaik Excruciation take their cues from the origins of extreme metal, way back when death, black and thrash metal were oozing in the same primordial pit. Devotees of bands such as Necrovore, Poison, Sadistic Intent, Sarcofago, early Morbid Angel and so on shall soon feel the Cursed Blood Of Doom coursing through their veins!

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