CANNIBAL CORPSE Gallery of Suicide

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Metal Blade
Press : 3984-14251-2 - Usa
Year : 1998

New or Used : original new

Info : "Gallery of suicide" is the 6th album of the corpse desecrators Cannibal Corpse. Again Corpsegrinder proves himself able of easily holding up the candle to his predecessor Chris Barnes. Musically C.C. burn off ultra-violent, hyperfast and mega-technical fireworks. Tons of killer riffs, hammer breaks and George's drainvoice. These tunes will torture your ears to the pain barrier, since the 14 songs are greatly arranged by Jim Morris. "Gallery of suicide" is the hitherto best album of the band and aside from "Eaten back to life" belongs to the absolute highlights of the Americans.

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